Welcome to Musical Love

Musical Love is a website created from the love to music of all variations. The urge to write about the artists I love to follow and listen to, such as Electric City Cowboys, Keiino, Tom Hugo, Eurotix, The Lovers of Valdaro ,Man Meadow, and the Sonderburg City Guards (Sønderborg Garden) which my oldest daughter plays the marching drum, music events and much more. I cover pop, rock, electro-pop/rock/dance, symphonic rock and whatever else I love of performing arts.

I write about rising artists as well as established artists and my goal is to spread the word of my favourite bands and music to all over the world, so many more people can get to know the great music and existance of these artists.

For some of the artists I have help and back-up from the artist themselves, their managers and/or record companies.

Photos you see on the site are either taken by myself, contributed by other fans, screenshots, sent by managers or record companies OR bought with licenced rights to use through syndication agencies, such as Scanpix and Getty Images, iStock photos and the like.

That said I also need to point out that this is all non-profit. Nobody earns a cent from this, its all based on love for the music and is made in my spare time because I love to do it.