Second semi-final gone well

The second semifinal of this year’s Eurovision was last night, and I am happy to say that every single one of my favorites are in the final on Saturday. I Sadly find there are so many boring and/or noisy songs this year that I am not surprised that my family fell asleep before it was over. But I think it will be different Saturday. With the results of the semifinals, at least WE have a reason to set up a small party at home.

I will most likely be kicked for not having my own country as top favourite, but I really don’t care which country is which – I vote for the songs I like, and to me, a good Eurovision song is a song which does something for my emotions.

Keiino – Spirit in the sky – live at semi-final 2 May 16th 2019

My number one this year is Norway’s Keiino with Spirit in the sky. Keiino formed in 2018 and has three members, Tom Hugo, Alexandra Rotan and Fred Buljo. Spirit in the sky is an up-tempo electropopsong, very suitable for the party that Eurovision should be, and which is different from Keiino as electropopband to other bands, is that they include the traditional joiking of the Sami’s of the North. It gives their music that specific difference that they are not just “one of them all” but stand out in a good way.

Victor Crone – Storm – live at semi-final 2, May 16th 2019

My number two this year is Estonias Victor Crone with the song Storm. Victor is a Swedish singer and guitarist who has previously participated in the Swedish national selection, Melodifestivalen, but failed to qualify. Storm is an up-tempo popsong with only Victor on the scene, playing his guitar on and off. His crisp voice does that he is one of the few singers we can actually HEAR the lyrics of, where other singers often drown the lyrics in unclear mumble.

Leonora Jepsen – Love is forever – live at sedond semi-final May 16th 2019

My number three is my own country, Denmark.  The evening we had the Danish election, I started out having a different favourite, but before Leonora was halfway through her song, Love is forever, I was hooked by the simplicity of the song as well as the message. Love is forever brings Eurovision back to what it was originally – about the song, not a huge digital flashlight show, but focus on the song and presentation. And I can’t help but finding it cool that the song pokes a finger at all the political stuff controlling everything around us. “Don’t be so political” is a sentence sung in the chorus. And isn’t that just right? Don’t be so political, but start being ourselves and enjoy life.