Post Eurovision Depression

It is Sunday May 20th, 2019, and many of us Eurovision fans are hit by post-Eurovision-depression. It includes fatigue from a busy period listening to lots of good music, thoughts of what the songs are about, which song is better than which ones and how will it do in the semis and the finals compared to others etc. Also the fatigue from having been up late last night, waiting for the final results, the excitements over the three Eurovision evenings, the impossibility of being able to sleep afterwards because of all the impressions of the evening and shocks from the votes in the final.

It is well known by now that the winner this year was the Netherlands, which was expected, but the dark horse this year was Macedonia, which nobody had calculated with, but which got a lot of the juries’ votes.

Like written in another post, my personal favourites were Norway, Estonia and Denmark, but there were several others I liked very much too.

Going through the Eurovisiongroups on facebook this morning makes me sad to see the reactions of a lot of people. Hateful comments towards countries, artists and those who topped the final… An event which should unite people because music is universal and a thing to do well with people, is still able to split people and show their true faces. Sad sad sad.

Which music is good and which is not, is a personal taste and people should really not set themselves up to be judges over what is good and what is not.

The Netherlands is the winner of Eurovision 2019, that is how it is, it got the most votes, so there is no unfairness about it – if you want to change the votes of next year’s result, get your friends and family to watch Eurovision, form an opinion and urge them to vote. That’s the only way to achieve change. Nothing is achieved by complaining and picking on others.