Should the juryvoting of Eurovision be axed?

This year has shown more clearly than any year before, how different the jury votes for the songs, than the public of their contries do. This has raised a lot of heated debates amongst the fans of Eurovision. It is questioned how a little handful of so called experts from a country, can have such power that it overrules the rest of the population’s oppinion. Who is it that watch the Eurovision and listen to the songs year after year? it is not those who were jury that year – it is the fans. So who should posses the power of voting? Should it continue to be 50/50 or should juryvoting be axed and the entire voting left for the people who actually listen to the songs afterwards – the fans?

If you feel like a lot of the rest of us do, I urge you to click the image below and sign this petition, created by Maria Helene Granli Kvam.