Eurovision ESC UK facebook group

I just have to write a piece about this facebook group. It is relatively new, but the short time it has existed, it has got SO many new members, its like a floodstream coming. I have only been a member myself for a short time, but I loved it from the first moment.

This particular facebook group was founded by Eugene Cooper in England and has a really friendly environment in the group. People are not slashing one another for having different tastes, although some may shout out a friendly laugh with no harmful meaning. No-one is disrespectful but accept the differences. It is an ESC Facebook fan group all about the fun for ESC news, views, comments, stats, live chat, predictions, polls, betting tips ALL with REAL attitude and opinion.

Another thing I love about the group is the amount of polls there. Eugene creates one Eurovision related poll after the next, where we can air our oppinions,

A direct q uote from Eugene ESC UK :-“I wanted to create a group who shared what I like about the ESC and a unique place for ESC fun that I would want to go to as a “Go to ESC site” to chat and actively take part with like-minded fans”.

SO, if you are into Eurovision, into polls and a good time in a friend environment, you should consider joining the group by clicking the image below.