A musical family

All my life I have lived and breathed music. I’m out of a family where music was an important part of life. My grandfather on my mother’s side played the accordeon – and my mother continued that, and while she was expecting me, I was kicking the instrument so it danced on her stomach, while she played. My granddad on my father’s side played the violin – and my dad picked up that one as a child, but didn’t continue as adult. When I was 2 years old, my mum bought her first Hammond organ and went on evening course to learn how to play it. It was difficult for me not to bug her to let me try too – so at christmas, when i had just turned 3 in October, she had bought me a tiny blue wooden toy piano. Next day I was able to play “Itsy bitsy spider” and it just continued from that day.

At school I learnt to play the guitar but a serious sports injury to both my wrists stopped me from continuing this later in life. I am still hoping to get back to it one day though. In my spare time I learnt how to play recorders in various sizes – and the best thing came when we moved to a bigger house and my mum bought a new electric organ instead of her Hammond, which by then was worn out. She now bought a Yamaha, which had a button i could press, so the chords would stick while I looked for the next chord to play. THEN I finally learnt how to play the organ – by myself, without help from anyone but the tutorial books we had, and which I borrowed at the library.

Where I live, in South of Denmark, on an island named Als, the city named Sonderburg (Sønderborg), we have this amazing city guard march band. Sønderborg Garden. It started out as schoolband at my school, but over the years developed into the city guard, with beautiful while and red uniforms. Oh how I loved following them, going to watch them rehearse outside in the summer. I wasn’t able to take part myself because I had developed arthritis as a teen, but following them was wonderful. But secretly I was dreaming of being a part of it.

So happy and proud mom was I, when my daughter came home and announced that SHE wanted to play the drums in the guard. This spring she passed the admission test, and lately she has been out with the guard on several occations – this photo was taken by Bjarne Jensen who also has two kids in the guard, I didn’t ask him permission to snatch his photo, but I am pretty sure that since we share the passion along with our kids, and that I tell he is the photographer, he will be okay with it. Isn’t she just beautiful?

My oldest daughter, Katrine, 13 years old, member of Sønderborg Garden since March 2019

After the school holidays, Katrine’s younger sister, ten year old Laura, will start up learning to play the drums in Sønderborg Garden too. She is super excited and can hardly wait.

Both my daughters are very much into music as well. Both play the recorder, which is mandatory to learn at the private school they both attend a few houses down the street. During their music and song lessons at school, they learn to play other instruments as well, and Katrine seems to have taken particularly interest in learning to play the piano. But her time, passion and energy is devoted to the guard.