Fighting for rights for minorities

First of all – HAPPY PRIDE MONTH June 2019.

Many people think that pridemonth is only about LGBT and fighting for LGBT rights.

In fact Pride month is about fighting for the rights for all minority groups in the world.

Who have put themselves in charge of what is okay and what is not, when it comes to people?

Who think they are high enough on their own piedestal to control who should have which rights, and who shouldn’t?

We are ALL EQUAL. This is what pride month is about. Fighting for the rights for ALL people. No matter gender, sexuality or religion.

Many people who don’t belong to a minority group, have no idea the fights minority-people have to struggle with every day. Predjudice, discrimination of many kinds, being looked down at, denied human rights..

June is the month with focus on all that – but who will all forget as soon as June is over? Not those who belong to the minority groups… its a daily reminder…

So please, wherever you go, support the rights of human kind, not only in June – but all year round.