Sønderborg Garden in Tivoli

Friday the 21st my daughter, Katrine (13 yo), went off on her first days-away-from-home trip with Sønderborg Garden. As one of the few city guards, Sønderborg Garden was invited for the 175 year anniversary of the Tivoli Garden. We in Sonderburg are EXTREMELY proud of our city guard, which represents our city in the most beautiful and skilled ways, wherever they go. The youngest memners are from around 8 years old and the oldest somewhere in their 20’es – and they perform every bit as well as adult military bands, which is really amazing when you think of that most of the members are really just kids.

This morning they had practise in Tivoli gardens together with the other bands playing later today.
Video: Leif Lausten, Sonderburg, another Guard-parent