KEiiNO Fan story #2

KEiiNO fanstory #2

The past 18 months I have been through severe depression, caused by a domino-effect of negative things happening to myself and my family. A traffic accident caused by high fever due to bone infection, followed by a chronic illness acting up almost invalidating me, a slowly dying close relative (my mother, my daughter’s last grandparent) and a homenursing “service” which didn’t function very well, school problems for my oldest (bullying, silent treatment and being an outcast) and a younger daughter with Dyslexia which is a real challenge to get the proper help for, for some reason. Loss of income because of the accident and illness, the struggles of making ends meet… and so on.. I think most people can see the picture now.

Sadly, depression and anxiety is no new thing for me.  It has been an all-my-life challenge since I was a child. Antidepressants fix the ‘chemical’ side of it, but all the medicine in the world can’t keep bad things from happening, and for 18 months in a row, everything just rambled like a bowling ball hitting the skittles over and over. Every time I tried to get back on my feet, a new bowling ball came thundering.

In our family we have always enjoyed Eurovision and at some point this spring, Eurovision week was the only thing I really had to look forward to in a long while.

Then it happened. KEiiNO happened. Pure and simple. We saw the pre-programs where KEiiNO  performed on Norway’s Eurovision scene, so full of life, beautiful voices, great sounds of a lot of drums (we love drums here, one daughter is playing drums in the local city guard, the younger is starting after summer), and somehow listening to them, watching their happiness on the scene turned a light on inside me. I had to hear the song over and over, it just changed everything inside me and I just cried and cried.

I began googling KEiiNO, reading interviews, watching youtube performances and interviews, and my love for KEiiNO just grew and grew, and the more I listened to Spirit in the sky and Shallow, also Fred’s Duolva Duottar band, and Tom as solo artist and Alexandra with Allan Walker, the better I felt.  It was so obvious for others to see, that people began asking me what had happened to me, because I was radiating. It was too difficult to explain to them, they wouldn’t understand anyway, so the real reason was only told to a few selected people who I knew would understand.

The past few weeks I have come to understand that KEiiNO has had this same effect on a lot of other people than only me, and it is really making ME feel great, to know that their music also has helped others to feel a lot better.

Reading the story about KEiiNO on the website,  only makes the love and feeling of connection stronger, since they openly tell about THEIR struggles of belonging to each their minority group themselves. I think their openness about it, hits right into people’s hearts and creates a feeling of “we all belong together” because we have had to face some of the same struggles, one way or the other.

KEiiNO was simply what many of us NEEDED in our lives, to take a step forward to recovering from darkness, so like others I also have to say a heart felt THANK YOU KEIINO, and the entire wonderful team BEHIND KEiiNO, for your existence, your efforts, your openness, the happiness you send over the edge of the scene, through our screens, the light which shines from your eyes which is so contagious… everything.. thank you…

/Karina Brandt, Denmark