KEiiNO fan story #1

I am often sad or down, feel a lot alone and do not often have someone to be with. But when I listen to their music, watch interviews, etc. I feel better!

You make me laugh when I don’t even “smile” to smile. I cried and cried when Praying came out, because you mean so much to me and I look forward to that! You mean so much for so many!!

The world is fortunate to have you, we are lucky to have you!

There are days when I do not want to get up, where I do not feel meaning to stand up when I can only sleep the day, but then I think of you and then I smile and stay in good mood again! You’re the reason I get through the toughest days, don’t know what to do without you!

Thank you so much for being yourself and continuing with the amazingly good job you do!!

Infinite love of you!

I look so much up to you, and look forward to meeting you in the future, then I will give you all three a big hug!!

I am so incredibly proud to have met you and greeted you!!

Don’t have words because I am so fond of thinking about you, so thank you again for everything you do!

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