When a legend turns 70

One of the legends of MY life, is Eurovision grand old man from Norway, Jahn Teigen. A name and a man, who followed me since early childhood, and whose songs I’ve been listening to all through life. The two Eurovisions songs, “Adieu” he sang with his wife, Anita Skorgan, with whom he had a daughter, Sarah, and also Do-re-mi which I have taught my daughters to sing, play and learn by heart, since they were little.

Jahn, Anita and newborn Sara

Today Jahn turns 70 years old, and I don’t know why it leaves me in such an emotional state – perhaps he now seems so fragile and somewhere inside of me, I’m afraid he won’t be here all that much longer… which will be one of the saddest days of my life…

Jahn Teigen, 70 years old today – Happy birthday, Jahn, from Musical-Love.dk

During his carreer, Jahn has relaesed 40 albums and 60 singles. The latest single was released TODAY on his birthday, and is called “Ikke som alle andre” which means “not like all the others” which is rue. Jahn has always been a one-of-a-kind, in the good way… so true

Jahn’s latest single, “Ikke som alle andre” released today, on his 70th birthday, 27th of September 2019

One of my favourite songs of Jahn’s, is “Min første kjärlighet” – its the entire content of what a beautiful love declaration is… (My first love).

It was covered beautifully by Morgan Sulele in 2016 as one of the Jahn Teigen tribute songs.

Another of my favourites is “Det vakreste som fins” which is another strong love song (the most beautiful there is).

This song was also beautifully covered as a tribute to Jahn, by Cir.Cuz in 2016.

In 2009 Jahn was named 1st class knight of the Royal Norweigan order St. Tin.

Photo by NTB Scanpix

September 12th, a tribute musical to Jahn premiered, Optimist, is it called and there will be extra shows in November and December.