KEiiNO – Dancing in the smoke

Wonderful KEiiNO is really spoiling their fans. Today they released yet another new and beautiful song – “Dancing in the smoke“, only one month after their release of the cover of “Vil ha dig”.

Having listened to the lyrics over and over its clear that “Dancing in the smoke” is about the Apocalypse – the time just before the world ends. They even mention Armageddon at one point as well as the chorus is “I have a feeling we will make it to Heaven”..

With this theme, they follow up with the spiritual themes of both “Spirit in the sky” and “Praying“.

“Dancing in the smoke” yet has no music video, so until further notice, I will have the nerve to link to “Lyricsvisual” on youtube, where you at a later point will also be able to find the lyrics to this wonderful song: