Laura – Break Me

Only four days after Koit Toome and Laura Pöldvere released Segamini maailm (The world is confused), Laura has already released another single with video. It is called Break Me, and is about this woman in a relationship who has been waiting endless nights at home, while her boyfriend were having wild nights out and about, bedding one girl after another, because his self-esteem was so low he needed their quick love and attention in order to feel cherished and alright. One night it has just been one too many for Laura, and she feels broken and ends the relationship with the guy.

Like always, Laura’s voice brings everything into this song. The melody covers both low and high tunes and goes up and down, a challenge for many artists’ voices, but not Laura’s – its the way we know her and knows her voice is amazing.

Dressed in red – the color of passion – in the beginning of the video while she still loves her guy, going into white to show her own innocence breaking down while he goes wild, and then into blue to show her sadness over a relationship which didn’t last..

Laura, its just beautiful, and a song I’ll be listening to a LOT.

The lyrics were written by Jessica Hyöty, and the music was written by Jan Hyöty and Laura Pöldvere

The video for Break Me, is a lyrics video, so I won’t be posting the lyrics under here. You can read them as the video comes along.