The Rhythm and the Decibel – Erik and Adam aka “The Lovers of Valdaro”

By Karina Brandt, Musical Love

The Lovers of Valdaro is made up of Erik Høiby (right) from Norway – now living in Sweden – and Adam Warhester (left). Photo: from their facebook gallery

The lovers of Valdaro, the Norwegian-Swedish duo, which was formed only a couple of years ago, after meeting at a bar where they fell into chatting about music. They lined up with Andreas Jismark from Andreas Jismark Management who saw a great opportunity in putting these two individual artists together, having some creative ideas for a future with the duo.

The Lovers of Valdaro just released two new songs a week apart; a cover of an 80s song, “Brick”, as a contribution to great Swedish 80smusic, and their own original, “Rhythm and decibel”, which is a giant leap from the songs we have heard from them until now.

It was time to have these two young men give an exclusive interview to Musical Love, to give them some proper exposure to the readers and followers of the website and the pop-music music world.

— Erik and Adam, did you two know one another before forming the band?

— No, we did not. So it was a leap of faith we did together. And luckily we have been very good friends from day one.

— When you began as a duo a few years ago, what were your expectations for the future?

— We are both very big dreamers. So our mission is to be well-known artists internationally. But we needed to start somewhere, and Sweden is our base. To connect with people from the industry here and build our ”team”.

— What are your backgrounds for working with music as you do?

Erik: — I had not been in any 80s kind of band in singing or performing. But it’s the kind of music I have always been listening to and felt attracted to.

Adam: — To me, the music from the ’80s has always appealed. It has always been a source of inspiration. There is attitude, honesty, and something edgy with the music that makes you always want to develop and take it a step further.

— You recently covered an 80s song, “Brick” for the “Svensk kvalitet” tribute album. Who picked the song and how did you feel about covering it?

— We hade some different songs we went through as possible covers. Then our manager presented “Brick” to us. And we really liked it. I (Erik) had never heard it before. And it felt like a little hidden diamond to put out there.

— The lyrics are so ”out there” as well, so it felt like fun to take on a song like this.

The Lovers of Valdaro covered the 80s song, “Brick” along with Full of Keys, which was released April 24th

— Your latest released single, “Rhythm and decibel” is a very uptempo and slightly different type of tune than your previous songs, and the music video could be considered slightly provoking to some people. How was the experience of recording a video this different?

— If you watch almost all-male singers and their videos you can see them with girls around them. Our video is about two guys dancing, letting their hair down and having fun to the rhythm and decibel. Of course, the video can be provoking to some people because we are two guys, but that’s not our problem. We see no difference whether it would be two guys, two girls or a man and a woman. We do our music and artistic our way and hope that people like it. 

— How has the response been to “Rhythm and decibel” from listeners and fans, both what song and video concerns?

— We had an idea for a video that we want to do but because of the situation in the world, we thought about it and made this video instead. We had so much fun recording this video. We tried to lift the song while developing our artistic expression.

The official music video for “Rhythm and Decibel”

— This change of style with “Rhythm and decibel” is this the new direction for The Lovers of Valdaro, or is this a one-off?

— The response has been great. People seem to think this is the best so far… and some don´t I guess. But this is more towards where we are going. After a year of touring, we felt we wanted more edge and more uptempo energy songs. We love that feeling on stage. And make it more 2020 and not a one-off.

Adam Warhester (left) and Erik Høiby (right) are “The Lovers of Valdaro

Personally I cannot wait to hear more from The Lovers of Valdaro, the rhythm and sound of their music as well as Erik’s voice, is a mood lifter at any time. Rhythm and Decibel was surprising – but definitely a good one!