We Endure – an amazing Swedish music project

“Vi håller ut” (We endure) is one of the strongest messages of 2020

Translated from Youtube by Karina Brandt

“Vi håller ut” (We endure) is one of the strongest messages of 2020

To give back to those who fight the hardest, and to boost everyone who needs it, this song and music video, “Vi håller ut” was created.

Around 50 Swedish artists and musicians recorded the song which is dedicated to Swedes’ fight against Covid-19.

First, the song was released in a number of groups, fora, and newsletters dedicated to the health workers and all the community-bearing professions. But “We Endure” is not only a song for a specific profession. It is a song for all of those who are fighting with the side effects of the corona crisis, old as well as young. In our entire country is sorrow, hardships, and challenges we have never met before. We make sacrifices and show consideration to protect ourselves and first of all, one another.

As a profession – artists/musicians/self-employed – we fight economically for survival. Exactly like so many others just now. Some fight for their physical survival, many have already lost that battle. We do this together and the song, “Vi håller ut” (we endure) belongs to all of us.


Producer and regi: Mikeadelica 

Musicproduction/mix: Fredrik Thomander 

Swedish text: Ingela ”Pling” Forsman

Melody: Dúo Dinámico

Female vocalists:

Helene Sjöholm, Sarah Dawn Finer, Mariette, Jessica Andersson, Dolly Style, Mahan Moin, Therese Grankvist, Britta Bergström, Jeanette Olsson, Marica Lindé, Tindy Laville & Ina Lindgren, Carola Becker, Nova Thomander

Male vocalists:

Robin Bengtsson, Magnus Carlsson, Philip Jalmelid, Joacim Cans, Rennie Mirro, Sean Banan, Erik Høiby (The Lovers Of Valdaro), Johan Boding, Johan Becker


Peter Kvint – Electric guitar

Sven Lindvall – Bas

Robert Wells – Piano

Moh Denabi – Accoustic guitar

Hux Flux Nettermalm – Trummor 

Maria Marcus – Synth/choir

Mattias Bylund – Wurlitzer

Fredrik Thomander – Keyboard 

Pernilla Andersson – Accoustic guitar 

Lena Thomander – Percussion 

Teo-Max Gustafsson – Accoustic guitar 

Leo Elliott Karlsson – Elguitar

Humla Karlsson – Bas

Pontus Norgren – Guitarrsolo

Adam Warhester (The Lovers Of Valdaro) – Synthsolo 

Mats Wester – Keyharp solo

Nils Landgren – Tromboonesolo

Mikeadelica – Scratch

Peter Noos Johansson – Tromboone

Wojtek Goral – Tenor and Altsaxofon

Tomas Jonsson – Barytonsaxofon

Magnus Johansson -Trumpet

Janne Bjerger -Trumpet

Göran Rudbo (Triple & Touch) -Trumpet/song 

Ken Wennerholm (Triple & Touch) -Trumpet/song

David Bukovinszky – Cello

Mattias Johansson – Violin

Mattias Bylund – String synthesizer 

Nils-Petter Ankarblom – String synthesizer

String and winds arranged by Nils-Petter Ankarblom

String and winds recorded by Mattias Bylund in Studio BLND

Lukas Nathanson – Songrecording 

Michael Feiner – Songrecording 

Chris Meyer – songrecording

Fredrik Thomander – musicproduction/arr.

Fredrik Thomander/Peter Månsson – Mix 

Ulf Börjesson – Mastering

Musicproduction: Palma Music Studios

Production company: Mikeadelica.com

Initiative, producer, regi and editing: Micke ”Mikeadelica” Gustafsson

Nicke Bergström – Logotyp och graphical profile

Moore To Be (Tobias Grönlund, Anna Moore, Emil Gullhamn) – Presscontact 

Joakim Arhammar – Content/Social Media Manager

Therese Färsjö – Mediastrateg

Kajsa Giesecke – Medical adviers, networker