Eternal Embrace – The Lovers of Valdaro

Friday, December 19th, 2020, Adam Warhester and Erik Gabriel Høiby, aka the Norwegian-Swedish duo, The Lovers of Valdaro, released their “Eternal Embrace” single.

From the first note of music, you already know this is something special. You are simply captured, even before Erik begins to sing in his angelic light voice, which expands over both very high and very deep notes. He has a vocal span many male singers would envy.

Just when you have had the first chilling feeling inside you, fast-changing videoclips confirm that something special is coming.

With scene smoke and frames in black and white, the dreamy images of undressed lovers singing out their feelings and their love radiating from their expressions, are melted together to illustrate that these two lovers indeed will stay together as one, by eternal embrace.

Caleidoscopical images between Adam and Erik singing, symbolises in a perfect way, the turmoil of feelings we all experience on and off during a relationship, which contains both ups and downs.

Never have I seen a more beautiful and symbolic way of expression the understanding of two people being “as one” than what have been created in this video. The emotions and love in this song reach through the screen and capture my feelings deep within and it moves me deeply.

Thank you to The Lovers of Valdaro, and the team behind them, for yet another masterpiece. Keep it up.