City Hall concert

Saturday the 13th at 11AM, all bands in the festival gathered to play in front of our city hall. A traditional concert which takes place every year.

On our way to the City Hall concert with all the bands, we met this sight on the bus station
The Saxkoebing Guard was entertaining at the grounds of the City Hall while we waited for the rest of the bands to arrive.
We knew by the red-white and black leasurewears there, that this was where the Sonderburg City Guards were going to be.
They were finished so the expectations rose in us who sat waiting behind the white rope
And the Sonderburg City Guards were the first to arrive.
The Bulgarian Military band arrives
And the Britts had left the high bear hats at home today
The Ukrainian band in place too. They had two different uniforms – in another gallery you’ll see their really beautiful black uniform
Not quite ready. Still waiting for the pipes and drums
Fellow photographer, the omnipresent Kim Holm, in his right spot and ready
Pipes and drums in place too
11AM – Time to begin!
Orchestra leader of the Brass band of the Sonderburg City Guard, Jeppe Rasmussen, who sadly stopped after this festival.
The back of some of the Board of directors of the Sonderburg City Guard – Torben, Pia and Rikke-Louise
Setting up for drum corpse – my daughter struggling a bit with her drum
Sadly we can’t see in the photos how these guys were also dancing. We had quite a laugh.
The Danfoss Orchestra in action
And like you perhaps notice – some of the players are also from the Sonderburg City Guards here. So they jumped back and forth between the two bands.
“Take a look up to the City Council Hall” a text message said on my phone, so I did. One of my teachers from many years ago, who is now in the city council, had spotted me.
Our Major, Erik Lauritzen
After the concert, the bands marched down to the castle by the harbour, where they had dress reheasals for the big music tattoo in the evening
and while we were by the castle, we decided to show you a bit of the ruins there. This is the entrance to one of the old towers where the guardsmen were ready to shoot and bombard every enemy sneaking in from the North-East.
Alomst in the “big room”…
Laura showing the contrast in size between human and tower ground
This top was built some years ago to prevent further ruining of what was left. Our castle is 800 years old.
We never really found out what this was for – if it was a place to sit and have a rest or what…
We are not sure but we are GUESSING that this was the artillery room, since a big iron port was keeping people from entering..

The End of this gallery