I am a big Eurovision fan and have been all my life – well, at least as far back as I remember.

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My first memories of Eurovision was from 1980 where I was nine years old, and Sophie and Magaly were on stage for Luxembourg, singing about Papa Pengoin, and a man dressed as penguin flapped about on the scene. From that evening I have been watching Eurovision, national selection of all possible countries ever since.

My passion for Eurovision has luckily spread to my daughters and we have a small party, either of our own, or with friends, on the evenings of the Eurovision finals.

My biggest idols within Eurovision has been the Herreys (my very first idols all together), Secret Garden and these days its Koit Toome and Laura Pöldvere. I absolutely love their Verona from 2017 and not a day goes by where I don’t listen to it at least a few times, in various versions. This year, 2019, I set my eyes on Victor Crone from Estonia as well as Keiino from Norway. Two popsongs right down my alley, especially Keiino’s Spirit in the sky. Electropop mixed with traditional folk.