A fanbrigade is a group of fans who gather to show their love for a certain band here and there and everywhere they go. They wear T-shirts, badges, hand out stickers, wear their T-shirts while offering people a listen through headphones to music to their favourite band, in order to advertise and spread the word of their favourite bands.

Fanbrigades are volunteer work, and it a LOT of fun, especially if you are not alone, but have managed to gather 3-4, or more, friends for the projects.

On these pages you can find fanbrigade images you can download for free and use and if you don’t see YOUR favourite band here, you are welcome to contact me through my website on and we can talk about graphical work there.

Fanbrigade graphics will always be free of charge, but if you wish to buy T-shirts, I’m sorry they cannot be free, since there is a cost to producing them, and we are producing them through where we are working on opening a shop with a lot of different items, as well as we work with to make stickers and banners you can post online here and there.

Fanbrigade KEiiNo
Fanbrigade KEiiNo