Homebaked cake and band practise

Being parent to a member of a cityguard, I also joined the support group for the guard. Its not much I can bring by during a year, but at least I can bake a cake or two, for sale at the café during the festival. Whatever is profit from the café, goes to uniforms, instruments, and all good for the kids and youngsters in the band. So its all for something good.

Since our guard has red and white colors and form our flag in one of their formations – what else to bake but a flag-cake?

Saturday evening ALL bands and guards are to play a big concert in front of our castle, each band their own thing, but together they are also doing something. And for that to sound alright, they gather Friday after the parade, to practise the music they are going to play together Saturday evening. Its not all that easy, but brings fun along.


And a bit of time to relax also