Friday gallery of Sonderburg Ringriding Festival 2019

Friday the 12th of July 2019 this year’s festival started – Sonderburg Rinriding (to make it easy) – the original title would be Tilting at the ring festival…

This year we had marching bands, military bands and city guards from our own City – Sonderburg Guards and Sonderburg Pipes and Drums & Amazing Pipes and Drums with visitors from Alborg and Broager to enlarge the entire Pipes and Drums experience, we had bands from from Aarhus, from Nakskov, and from England, Bulgaria and Ukraine. The horse carriages carried local bands from Danfoss (a world known factory) and a band from the firebrigade.

Furthermore there were horses and ritters who were to compete catching the ring which grows smaller and smaller the further into the competition they get.

This gallery shows the parade of the first day.

the car which was up as first price for the festival lottery
The city Herolds
Our pride and joy – the Sonderburg City Guards, where my oldest daughter is playing the snaredrum
Aren’t they just beautiful?
I marked my daughter with a red X under her feet
Her first parade in her own city. She passed the admission test on April 2nd this year
A very proud and happy drummer girl :o) – 13 years old
Also Sonderburg City Guards, the brass players have red shirts, and drummers white.
Around 500 horses and ritters to compete Friday and Sunday, catching rings with tiny holes. A tournament going 800 yaers back to the medieval times.
The Massed bands of he Honorable Artillery from London. The traditional British military band which has been in our festival the past years
the orchestra of 194 pontoon bridge regiment from Ukraine.
The “Ringrider Orchestra” of Sonderburg
Aarhus Brassband. They were SO good.
The city Guard of Nakskov. Their beautiful major used to be in the Sonderburg City Guard when she was younger so it was absolutely DELIGHTFUL to see her being the head of this city guard.
guardsmen representative brass wind band from Bulgaria
More of our own pride and joy. Sonderburg Pipes and Drums and Amazing Pipes and drums, with additions from Broager Pipes and Drums and Aalborg Pipes and Drums, it sounded absolutely AMAZING.
The blonde lady in red skirt is one of the Highland Dancers of the Sonderburg Pipes and Drums. Where the second one ran off to is still a mystery..
One of the youngest participants in the tournament. I think the youngest I ever saw some years ago, was only 5 years old and had sat on a horseback before she could even walk.

The end of the Friday Parade