Unite In Music

Who doesn’t feel ’something’ when listening to music?

Some pieces of music give us joy, other pieces inner sadness and some pieces even seem to stress us.

Whichever type of music our personal preference is, no music is right or wrong. What is right for you is right for you, no matter what the person next to you says.

Being involved in the Eurovision communities, I see so much negativity and slaughtering of artists, countries, performances etc. – come on you people, Eurovision is supposed to be a joy, to be fun, to be a week long PARTY where people are HAPPY, and not cruel to one another. There is enough war in the world, we do not need it in the music world as well. That said, I am happy to be in so many other music groups which is filled with nice and wonderful and warm people, who never have a bad word to say to one another – it is truly a joy.  So why is it that Eurovision creates such anger, stress and negative emotions in people?

Come on, everyone, music is the common language of everyone; countries, skintones, religions, ages – everybody: