August 6th

Screenshots of “The Lovers of Valdaro” added to their gallery, of their performance of “I promised myself” on Musikplats Stockholm 2019 , and, screenshots of KEiiNO from their performance on Sommarkrysset on TV4 July 27th.

August 1st

It has been quiet for a while here, due to summertime and vacation, but now we are back with videos of KEiiNO and Victor Crone, check the blog for that, and also, screenshots from KEiiNO’s performance on Alsang på Grensen are now up in the KEiiNO Gallery.

July 8th

After a short vacation I am now back, and with some nice updates for KEiiNO fans. KEiiNO performed on German TV Sunday morning, and for those who missed it, you can find the video sequence of their performance of Spirit in the sky here on Musical Love, in the KEiiNO video gallery as well as KEiiNO blogpost. Enjoy also the photos from the performance in the KEiiNO Gallery.

July 4th

Going on vacation for a few days I wanted to update as much as possible before leaving. I now have permission from Tobias Aasgaarden to use his photos of KEiiNO on this website, so here you go, a massive spoiling of a stack of photos of our beloved band.

The Sonderburg Guards (Sønderborg Garden) today went to the Danish Championships for city guards and with a last minute switch of drum major, since Major 1, Julie, last night broke her finger in a throw and catch, so 13 year old Agnes without a warning had to take over, and the preliminary news is that Agnes did REALLY well in the first rounds today.

June 29th

After a long search I finally found my photos from the show with Copenhagen Drummers from March 2018. They are now up in the Copenhagen Drummers gallery.

Today is KEiiNO’s Alexandra’s 23rd birthday so we wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY :o)

The blog has a new post showing a fan-tatto featuring KEiiNO and Praying

June 27th

We FINALLY got the photos up from KEiiNO at Eurovision in Tel Aviv. These are the lowest pixel resulution in order to keep a low budget. Enjoy. Go to KEiiNO’s artist page and follow the Gallery link.

The biography for Electric City Cowboys, Martin, Mikael and Robert, is now online too – if you don’t know these guys and their wonderful electro-synth-pop yet, you should go to either Youtube or Spotify – you won’t regret it. I promise.

June 26th

We have now added The Lovers of Valdaro, Swedish electropop duo to the artist section.

June 25t

KEiiNO went skydiving Sunday in Voss – see the amazing photos of them ‘flying’

A new band is being added to Musical Love – Swedish duo, The Lovers of Valdaro, is now also being represented here. If you have photos, experiences, fanart etc. we could publish, please do not hesitate to contact us.

June 21st

KEiiNO’s new single, Praying, was released at midnight and its absolutely amazing. Read more in the blogpost.

The lyrics to KEiiNO’s new single, Praying, has been added to the Artist section, under “KEiiNO Lyrics”. Enjoy.

New designs have been added to our shop: “Unite in Music”, “Proud Drummer” , “Drummer in the making”, “Beat on drums, not people”, and last but not least: “Fanbrigade – I support KEiiNO”

June 15th

Due to some very dramatic events in private life, Musical Love has not been updated much the past week. But now we have added three new sections, a SHOP, Fanbrigade and Giphy. The shop only contains merchandise about Musical Love, for the moment, but more variations of things will come in the future, themes you can use universally and interpret any way you feel like, and we have added Fanbrigade, which will also have merchandise you can use. Read more about Fanbrigade in the link in the menu, and feel free to have wishes about which artists to add to the brigade library. Last but not least, have we added a Giphy section. For the moment the Giphy service seems quite troublesome, I don’t know if they have server issues or something, but the plan is that over time, you’ll find funny and useful giphys you can take and use however and where ever you want.

June 9th

I have now added a FANSECTION to each represented artist. This means YOU can interact with Musical Love website, show your fancreations, photos, stories of meets and greets, concert stories, etc. please contact us on mail@Musical-Love.dk

June 7th

After a week’s break I am now back with updates. I have today added the biography of KEiiNO and the bandmembers. Also links where you can read about each member’s spirit animals, wolf, reindeer and fox. Enjoy.

May 29th

After a few days break I have now had the pleasure of reading and editing a stack of lyrics from Electric City Cowboys, and have added those to the lyrics gallery.

May 26th

A guestbook has been added to the site. Rude comments will be removed. Music is about joy, friendships and pleasure. Unite in Music.

May 25th 2019

Screenshots from “Fly with me” by Electric City Cowboys have been added to the ECC Gallery. Enjoy.

Eugene Cooper from the UK is looking for a co-songwriter for an Eurovision project for 2020. Please read the recent blogpost for more information.

I have written a small piece about a very special facebook group I joined recently, which I really enjoy. I hope you will feel like joining too.

May 24th 2019

I have added links to reaction videos of Keiino’s Spirit in the sky from a few youtubers

I have added links to Keiino’s music videos of Shallow and Spirit in the sky, and to their performance of Spirit in the sky at the second semi-final in Telaviv

May 23rd 2019

I have added a page of links to facebook groups about Eurovision. Some of the groups are more active than others, and one is mostly about polls, which makes it stick out from other groups in a positive way. Personally one of my favourite groups.

May 22nd 2019

A lot of Eurovision fans are very unsatisfied with the unprofessionality there has been shown this year from the jury’s side of voting. Belarus got dis-qualified and points made up by calculations days later, and another jury had misunderstood the system and voted opposite of what she meant to. This has caused quite a stir, and has made some fans want the juryvotings to be axed from future Eurovisions. If you agree with them, there is a link to a petition you can sign.

New blog post

Link to petition created by Maria Helene Granli Kvam to get the juryvoting of Eurovision axed in the future

May 21st 2019

A link to a Eurovision survey, created by Serol Karalar, has been posted and I urge real Eurovision fan to take part as it is not just a prank survey but a quality one.

Seveal Eurovision lyrics have been added to the Eurovision page

Links to the official websites of the artists represented on Musical Love. A few of the artists don’t have a website, for those I have linked to their offical Facebook site.

May 20th 2019

Screenshots of Keiino’s official video for Spirit in the sky have been added to the Keiino Gallery.