Eurotix new album

Swedish synth-pop duo Eurotix just released their new album, “Try again – remixed, remade & remodeled“. An album with new remixes of their older songs, remodeling and remake of older songs.

Now, what do all these re-things mean? Right, here is the explanation:

A song is never completely finished. There is always room for development. Perhaps you have a piece of music you wrote and recorded fifteen years ago – but now you have grown as a person, got more experienced. Music has changed, what people want has changed, YOU have learned more about the music you make… So you go back and take the songs you loved from back then, you remix them by adding or removing some instruments and rhythms, but you stay true to the original version of the song. Another song you do something else with – you remodel it, which means you add and/or remove sounds and instruments so the song is still the same, just with new sounds to it. The reMAKE of a song is where you take the vocals of the song, but change everything else but the lyrics, vocals, and melody. All sounds and instruments are changed for something new. On this album,

As you perhaps know by now, I am a sucker for pieces with MANY different instruments involved. I don’t know what I expected from this album, but I was sold from the very first few tones of “When you go” which is a remix. I am listening to the album while writing this, and all I can say is that this album is a must have to own, if you’re into synth-pop.

What always tops the songs of Eurotix, is the amazing voice of Dennis Alexis Hellström. Its clear, crisp, light but strong. With many singers these days, it can be hard to hear the words because they seem to mumble… but not Dennis. You can hear every single word brilliantly, which makes it easy to learn every song by heart.

I want to say a HUGE congratulation to Dennis and Larry with this brilliant release, it was definitely worth the wait.

The album can be purchased through Band-camp, Itunes , Amazon, Google play and other streaming shops, but also streamed on Spotify.

Here is the spotify link to the album, in case you haven’t heard it yet: